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Introductory Unit-Love in Literature.


The Big Sleep Humphrey Bogart seduction scene

The Big Sleep-Bogart and Bacall Innuendo scene.

Dave Allen-Adam and Eve explained.

Bill Bailey Chaucer Pubbe Gagg.

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore-The Facts of Life.

Monty Python Story Time.

PART 2- Language and Mass Communication.


Advertising theory powerpoint link to human needs.

(Racist commercials.)

Art and Copy-excellent US documentary on best of industry
The Greatest Move Ever Sold.

Coca cola 125 years of advertising.


Wag the dog.-The use of spin.

Falklands Bias and censorship-Brian Hanrahan RIP BBC

British Nationalism and The Falklands War

Falklands reports 1-8.

Rupert Murdoch movie

Bias and racial stereotyping UK TV Mind Your Language.
Love Thy Neighbour episode 1.

Sexism-Andy Gray and Richard Keys.

Tony Harrison V.

Germaine Greer The C Word.

Brasseye.- Animals.


News of the World-Phone Hacking.
Channel 4 reaction
ABC journalists reaction.
BBC reaction.

US reaction
CNN reaction.
UK reaction.